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Indydebi's Crisco-Based Buttercream Icing, you can never go wrong!
I got mine from efavormart, apart from their crappy customer service (they don't even have a phone# to reach them at!) The stand was way too cheap and too light. It would easily tip off and fall, at times I had to add rocks to the tubes just to add weight to it. I did spot a good one on eBay (at least it looks good) so maybe try that and make sure you checkout the reviews Good luck :)
Try eBay! I got all my plunger cutters off eBay even cookies cutters.
I was about to buy one! I was really excited especially after seeing the reviews on that thing, but something came up and I didn't end up buying one  :( Try posting your problem on their Facebook Page maybe they can help you out tips and whatsnot!   I haven"t done cake pops before but would LOVE to try them out.  Good luck and keep us posted :)
Here are some sites to buy supplies:   I buy the brown and white grease proof cupcake liners from Charming Creations and I LOVE them!   HTH  :)
Yes high dome clam shell containers and place them in a bigger box , that's what I do and I sometimes have to take them to Edmonton(5 hours away!)   Good luck :-D
Yes! Exactly! I like to keep my FB page for business and my personal for family and friends but unfortunately with the new FB rules I can no longer do that,  its frustrating :( The most recent news in my FB page newsfeed is one week old :(
x2   ;-D
I've never seen how they cut into it but I once read that the best way to do it is to run the knife under hot water for a minute or so then cut it, other than that I can imagine it being VERY messy lol.This is how I make it:1. I use one bag of Wilton candy melts, you have to be careful when melting chocolate in the microwave always start with 30 seconds intervals then when its almost there use 15 seconds, and always stir the chocolate in between each interval. 2. Save...
I am making some fondant cupcakes in a couple of days, I don't have enough fondant and the nearest cake decorating store is 4 hours away I was wondering if its okay to mix in some gum paste with the fondant. Would it make a big deference, that is turn rock hard? or is a little amount okay more like %70 fondant and %30 gum paste.TIA
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