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No trick, mine are the same way I made a wedding dress cake that I absolutely loved, and it wasn't really seen... I don't think there's a trick to uploading, but I do think the level of talent on here is getting better and better, and it takes something really unique to get noticed I peeked at your gallery, and you are SUPER talented! I love your birthday cake!
I haven't read this thread yet, but my family is currently going thru very hard times because of the noncompete my husband signed. We still have 11 more months, and it's gonna be tough. I wouldn't sign one, and if I had to, I would negotiate the terms in it.
This made me laugh out loud
Congratulations to you! is a great idea! I saved this one from CakeVoodoo... I LOVE seeing all BC cakes!
I was wondering why my recipe wasn't going as far! Thank you this link will help?
I get my European butter at Wegmans... are there any near you?
I have a little mermaid cake in my pics... I used them for the "pearls". They are really pretty, and with all he different colors available, they are a nice option for borders... you mean this bow?! The one for which there is a tutorial?! Send her the link to the tutorial and tell her to get a life.
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