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im making a 'pig roast' cake for a pig roast this weekend. i was originally plnning to make it more 'cartoony' but now im thinking i want to go with the more realistic approach. if i dont havea n airbrush, how can i get the roasted/glazed look to it? do you think i can get away with using brown fondant, or will that be too dark? or should i tint white fondant with brown gel color since that would be lighter? or other suggestions/tips/ideas??? please & thank you =)
the lack of this feature is my main turn off to saving to favorites. i dont have the time to go bck through 10+ pages of cakes looking for something, im another one that does the 'save as' and organizes on my computer. would LOVE to have the ability to organize!
for this cake, im usung wilton. i think i used wilton or satin ice white and mixed in duff's black when i had the army green issue. i havent tried using the icing color.... so i think i will do that first. if that doesnt work i can use the silver color mist spray- it will be close enough .i dont think my toddler aged niece will mind if its a little shinier than stone usually is =)thanks everyone!
my niece wants me to make her a rapunzel tower (think- tangled) for her birthday party on sunday. i have to drive about 45 minutes with it. i just can't figure out the best way to do this without panicking hte whole drive there that its just going to fall over to the side. ive seen dozens of tower cakes, but just don't know.....anyone have suggestions on what to do?
how do i make my fondant gray, similar to the color of stone?i remember a while back i thought mixing white + black would give me gray, but that was an epic fail and i had army green! (???)i dont have cake supply stores nearby other than michaels and ac moore. not sure that they sell gray coloring... does anyone know?
thanks!if you dont mind me asking, what did you put as the nature of your business?if i decide to just be mobile as far as classroom, do i note that somewhere? or would primary place of business still be my home address?
i am interested in running some inexpensive cake decorating classes- I was thinking I could target different organizations to help me to run them as fundraisers for their respective organizations and just have a flat fee which would cover my time and supplies. Or, i could even teach some one-on one classes at home, which some of dh's coworkers have inquired if id be willing to do for their wives, etc. i want to register a trade name, etc but can't figure out if i can do...
id like to make an angry bird cake (the actual cake shaped as the angry bird, not a decorated guessing i should use the ball pan ( i have the wilton ball pan handy). or do you have other suggestions?a) what would you make the beak out of? all fondant? rkt?andb) how would you attach the beak so it stays??my sons 4th bday is tomorrow... he was SET on a mario themed cake until yesterday. now all he wants is an angry bird..... i dont even know where to begin!also,
personally, i only ue duffs fondant when i need black or red fondant sicne those colors are a pain to tint white fodant. however, it does taste much better than wilton, and i think i like the taste better than my mmf. hwoever, not easy to work with if you just use duff. it tears easily IMO. BUT it doesnt dry out so fast, so if you are slow when working with cutting things, etc, it would be helpful to mix duff fondant in with whatever you are working with.another note,...
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