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I have an order for a cake similar to this.. I haven't used lace molds/mats of any kind before, only have done "lace" by hand. I'm thinking ill go with sugar dress. But, I can't seem to find a mat that looks even remotely close to this. Any know where I could find something?
Is homemade Marshmallow cream Shelfstable? I'm thinking because the egg whites are technically cooked, it is..but I'm not positive... I've tried looking it up online but can't find anything about it. Anyone know?
Yeah, I'm learning that I decided to get into the cake business instead of going to college this year and have always been overly critical of my art, to the point where I don't show it off, so for my first real cake I was nitpicking everything!
Thanks! I was going to fix it but it was literally 10 mins til pickup when I posted. It's was for a 6 year old boy and his parents absolutely loved it. Ill be making a cake for their daughter in July guess I was the only one who that little white spot drove crazy...
I have airbrushed a shark and accidentally bumped the top of it. Now I have a small white spot. I doubt anyone will pay it much attention but its driving me crazy.... is there anyway to fix it?
Well then I guess my question becomes, are those things copyrighted?I know movie titles are but a quote and object from the movie?
I have someone who wants a hunger games themed cake. I was wanting to use the quote "may the odds be forever in your favor" and a mocking jay but am I allowed? could i do the mockingjay pin or do I need to just do the bird in a completely different position? This is the first movie themed cake I'm doing so I'm not sure about any of this copyright stuff.
Okay, I'm making buttercream, super simple - butter, flavoring, and confectioners sugar. I have no problem with it separating until I go to use it and add food coloring. Whether its piping or frosting it separates. What am I doing wrong? Is it the food coloring? Also should I use meringue powder for a thicker consistency for piping rosettes on the side of a cake. Now they are falling slightly and look wilted....
Haha I just send my dad. I have a cakepop order for tomorrow and just ran out of butter, oil, and flavorings!
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