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@mfeagan....I had attached a satin ribbon to the back side of the burlap and secured it in the back with staight pins. Bride and groom removed the pins, peeled the ribbon back and had no problems with the 1st cut. The cake stand is a 14" round vintage cheese wheel container. I stained it and also had to fill the inside with a 4" dummy cake and a few cake boards. Otherwise, the container wouldn't have supported the weight of the cake.
Thank you Jamiemck9!  The flowers were actually made from antique book pages.  I found a great tutorial on youtube!
Not sure if anyone would be willing to help but figured I would throw it out there:) I have a request for a baby shower cake. The only info given was that the client wants to incorporate a blueberry theme. Parents to be have been referring to the unborn baby as "baby blueberry." Tans, browns and blues for color scheme and it should feed around 50. They want something fun and non traditional. My first thought was a baby boy sitting in a wooden barrel filled with...
Final product! Glue dots did the trick.
Unfortunately I do have to use the burlap. The ribbon I bought is decent as far as burlap goes. Sewn edges, hardly any fibers pertruding. The burlap is 1" and I bought 1" satin ribbon. At this point I am just hoping to minimize the fiber contact as much as possible. Thank you for the suggestions! I ended up buying mini glue dots fom Michaels. (Didn't even know they existed) They worked beautifully:)
I am using burlap ribbon as a border on the base of a buttercream cake.  I would like to attach a regular ribbon to the back of the burlap, as to avoid fibers getting on the icing.  Not everything sticks to burlap.  Would you happen to know what I can use to adhere the 2 ribbons.  The burlap is relatively thin so I can't use anything that will show through the holes in the burlap.   Thanks for your help.
Thank you so much for your response:)  It seems like I may have gotten through this one unscathed:)
Making mccormicks red velvet recipe. Used 1/2 tsp baking soda instead of 1 tsp. The cake seems to have risen ok but I want to know if this will effect the taste of the cake. Trying to avoid having to bake an extra 4 cakes and I can't afford to sample any of it. Please advise! Thanks.
What is the best/most realistic way to acheive a gold/silver paint for fondant. I have tried luster dust mixed with vodka (sold at Michael's) but the gold looks more yellow than gold.
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