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Not sure exactly what size your mini cakes are, but could you use a plastic container, but flipped upside down?  (so the cake is on the lid)  
Thank you for the responses!  I wasn't sure if I needed a back support or not.  I am not planning on mine leaning back in the instructable.  Just pondering what to do :)  Thanks again!  
I know this is late in the game, but using the above method (thank you thank you!) how is transporting?  
I have been trying to figure out the amount for this recipe, but cannot seem to find an answer.  I need to fill and cover  6,8,10, and 12 inch cakes for a wedding and I don't know how much hi ratio shortening to get.  Does anyone have any insight?  Thank you all so much!
Thank you!  I was getting stuck on that part and now have a lot of ideas to think through!  Thanks again for the advice! :)  
Does anyone have any advice of how to make a lantern cake? Or as a topper? What would work for the glass ball in the center? Any ideas, links, tutorials would be great! Thanks very much!
I've used Cupcake Creations liners.  The colors/designs stay true.   However, I know that there can be some separation issues with them.  I had it happen to me the last time I made vanilla cupcakes, some of the wrappers peeled away from the cupcake a bit around the top.  However, I used the same brand liner (but I think I different pattern) with chocolate and had no problem.  I've used them with a different vanilla recipe and no problem there kinda...
Thanks fcakes! I really appreciate your help!
Thanks fcakes and mcaulir! I was just worried that the fondant might start sweating. Do you know if it makes a difference if the fondant is dry or still soft?
I'm going to an event and plan on selling cupcakes that have fondant decorations on them. Can I use the cup and baggie method? Thanks! [/img]
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