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Thanks, but do u have to mix it with gum paste... I was wondering if I could mix it directly with gumtec or tylose.
Does anyone know if tylose or gum tex can be mixed with candy clay for it to dry as hard as gum paste flowers? Also does anyone know how I can make the candy clay more flavorful? Would it be better for me to use real chocolate instead of candy melts?
Ok thanks
Hi Jason_Kraft, I need it to track inventory, house client contact info, price out recipes accurately and keep track of appointments. I really want to link with an accounting software like quickbooks/quicken so that I can print financial statements as well. All advice is appreciated.
Hi ... I'm trying to find baking management software compatible with quickbooks. Do you have any suggestions?
Hi Leah_s ... Hopefully this isn't a silly question, but I dont understand the stick up method.  Doesn't the stick need to be facing down toward the melted chocolate?
Thats a good idea ... I bet that it is less messy doing it this way.
Hi Virago,   Thanks great!! I was thinking about getting a chocolate melter or I was thinking.... I could melt it in a slow cooker to do a large batch at once.  Has anyone ever tried melting chocolate in a slow cooker?   I'm going to try the almond bark... does it taste better than the regular candy melts? And are the paramount crystals better than using vegetable oil?  I usually use the vegetable oil to thin the chocolate.   Thanks!
Hi Liz,  Thanks for your suggestion... It sounds interesting... Do by chance have the link for the you tube video that you mentioned?   Thanks!
Hi All,   I have to make 300 cake pops/ balls and I was wondering if there is a way to speed up the dipping time of each cake pop/ ball.  Its very tedious and I wanted to know if there is a suggested method or machine that can help me dip more than one at a time.  All suggestions are appreciated :)
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