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I have used Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines. So far I like Duncan Hines, it just seems to me to be more moist of a cake. Is there any others that most use that I might not be aware and are really good?
Thanks, I never thought of using an ice cream cone. Very creative.
Can one use plastic props or something similar or is that frowned upon? Has anyone used those on cakes they made for others? I have no experience with fondant and not quite ready to use it. I do want to make a Christmas cake and am thinking of using plastic props or something similar.
I have been told through the grapevine that most don't like the taste of fondant. I am fairly new to this and just learning, have never done fondant, and a little afraid to try as I have heard this time and time again. Is it that bad tasting? I see you can do more when you use fondant but if no one likes the taste than they won't eat it.
Oh ok thanks so much!
What's an offset spatula?
If I use royal icing than no one will eat it right? From what I understand it gets really hard and no one likes it. Is that correct?
On a website a lady said she uses this at times for her buttercream flowers she makes so the buttercream will harden more. Has anyone heard of this or tried this?
small flowers. Royal icing or buttercream? And do you just pipe them on the cake or on parchment first? When I have made them with buttercream and put them on parchment paper they fall apart when I put them on the cake. I put them in the freezer for 2 days and another time let them sit out for 2 days. Still the same results. Am I doing something wrong? And how do you get sugars, nuts, and candies on the sides of the cake uniform? When I made a cake and put orange sugar on...
I'm using buttercream. So if I understand right you have to wait at least two days for them to harden enough before you use them on your cake?
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