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I'm doing a cake and cupcakes for a huge banquet next week. The theme is Southwestern and they're serving Mexican. I was thinking to do some sort of sopapilla flavored/style cake. Cream cheese frosting is a must, sugar and cinnamon mix..... but any ideas how to incorporate that? TIA!
Perfect. Ok. Thanks for all the help!
I was wondering if stacked would hold better than the ball pan. I def plan to use white chocolate ganache. What's RKT?
Ack! No one?
What are some tips and tricks that you can give to me? It will be covered in fondant. Here's the pic of the real teapot I'm copying. I'm doing gum paste roses instead of painting it on there. I saw a video on how to do one in buttercream, but I'd like to hear from others on what they do. TIA!
Turned out awesome!! I used 2 containers of low carb cherry yogurt and 1 cup mix of chopped maraschino cherries and tart cherries. Perfect! I think the mix of sweet and tart cherries, really made it fun.
YAY!! Ok. Making cherry WASC cupcakes with chocolate chip cherry cream cheese frosting. YUMMY! I'll let you know how it turns out.
Anyone use the WASC recipe for cupcakes?
Pic posted!!! Feedback please! I def learned that the shaping should have been done right away.
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