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If you Google it, you'll get this article - - (I was curious). It's actually 3 cakes in 1 that this woman carved. She says it took her 4 tries. HTH.
To me the real issue here is cutting the cake but not serving it. Is she just making a cut mark or actually taking a slice out of it? I would be more worried it's not covered properly for the 24 or whatever hours. People swap cake all the time. I wouldn't worried since you're still getting paid for it.
Use the WASC (white almond sour cream). Just type it in under recipes above. You barely taste the sour cream, it's very sturdy, and if you don't like almonds, just substitute another flavor. HTH
Hobby baker and graphic designer in reality. Follow jason_kraft's advice. Don't try to do a website on your own. Make the investment and pay to get it done. Domain name is different from hosting. You can own/purchase the domain w/o hosting. However, there will be nothing visible. You have to have hosting for people to see the site. Some companies now give a special deal on the first year for your domain name if you do hosting with them.IMPORTANT: If you have someone...
I would ask for half the money back at least. Quality aside, there doesn't look like it would have feed 50 people, never mind 100!
Thank you very much! Have a baby shower the 19th and was thinking of starting soon, but didn't want to do too far in advance. Will def. start this week.
How far in advance is it okay to make these before an event? They will be individually wrapped. Thanks.
I've haven't used this yet. But my cousin SWEARS by the wilton strawberry filling. I think this just might be what you're looking for - HTH.
You may have to look around a bit, but some stores carry colored marshmallows - yellow, orange, green and pink - they're fruit flavored. The yellow may give you the color you want. Maybe mix some yellow with white to tone down the brightness of the white.
Hobby baker here. I make French Toast cupcakes for my family, and they love them. My own recipe, and it's my sister's second favorite after chocolate.
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