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Shopping for a roller myself.  How is the Bailey working for you?
Haven't tried this myself, but will in March.  If it works for icing it should work for fondant, you just may have to adjust the amount used.     "Mix a bit of Leaf Green with Royal Blue, and just a touch of black."
Here is the one I have.  I really can't tell you how many things this little bugger can do!
I have this wonderful limitless tool that does a BUNCH of different effects. It is a gum stimulator that you find in the toothbrush isle. It has a soft rubber pointed tip you can use to scrape lines, mash tiny indentions, push tiny indentions, remove tiny scraps from edges... The list goes on and on! It is one of my favorite tools that I seem to use on every single cake in one way or another.
Have you ever made a chocolate poured fondant?
I would love to find a great recipe for poured fondant for petit fours.  I've done some searching and can't seem to find the right consistency.  Most seem to be way too thin.  Anyone have a good one they would be willing to share?
Don't know about Malaysia, but the local supermarket here can do an image on a cake.  I needed a picture in a rush once so took my photo there and had them print it out and I paid them the "extra" fee for a fondant sheet with the pic on it.  It costs $7 and I got it right away.
I'll just add one other tip I use.  I put cardboard cake circles between each tier so that there is a firm/flat area under the above tier that sits on the tier below where the wooden dowels are.  I can't tell for sure that you did that from the notes above.   Also, for a tall cake I take a small dowel cut to the height of the cake and use my electric pencil sharpener to put a point on it that I can then poke all the way from top to bottom to keep everything in...
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