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Have you ever made a chocolate poured fondant?
I would love to find a great recipe for poured fondant for petit fours.  I've done some searching and can't seem to find the right consistency.  Most seem to be way too thin.  Anyone have a good one they would be willing to share?
Don't know about Malaysia, but the local supermarket here can do an image on a cake.  I needed a picture in a rush once so took my photo there and had them print it out and I paid them the "extra" fee for a fondant sheet with the pic on it.  It costs $7 and I got it right away.
I'll just add one other tip I use.  I put cardboard cake circles between each tier so that there is a firm/flat area under the above tier that sits on the tier below where the wooden dowels are.  I can't tell for sure that you did that from the notes above.   Also, for a tall cake I take a small dowel cut to the height of the cake and use my electric pencil sharpener to put a point on it that I can then poke all the way from top to bottom to keep everything in...
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