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Hello, I was seen a recent upload of a baby cake with different gumpaste figures on it and I was wondering how you would charge for a cake like that? The cake itself is a smaller cake but it was very detailed. Do you charge for each figure or an overall cake price? I need an example maybe, I want to make a cake with little animal figures but am clueless how to charge.
deff sprinkles and sugars and other decorations to inspire her to create something of her own and explore!
cake is approx 9x13 and covered in fondant cream cheese buttercream and chocolate cake.
I cnat believe you called that a disaster!! You ARE your biggest critic! It looks amazing I am very impressed! You should do more work like this bc despite how much anxiety it caused you did a fantastic job on it!
I know the proce would very depending on complexity and decorations etc but can someone give me an idea of a starting point for a basic gumpaste heel and shoebox cake price?
I just did a jesse cake and I did a 2 tier cake 10" and 8" round. On the bottom layer I did blue fondant and red and yellow stars and ANNA the girls name in yellow on a red rectangle and the top layer I did a cow print to match jesse's pants. I made a star explosion on top and a #4 for her age and stuck jesse on top and other characters on and next to the cake.
you could do a regualr sheet cake or small tier cake and make fondant pencils and rulers and other school related pieces and stick them on the cake.
Anyone have any good suggestions on how to do this with a mix?
Can anyone help me figure out a way to make a buckle for this shoe? I am going to put glittery disco dust or glitter to make it sparkle but Im not sure how to attach it or make it.
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