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I did as well
I have decided to include what I charged for my cake whenever I upload the pic to CC I hoep I have some followers out there?? It would be so helpful to everyone I think!
Thank you very much everyone. I see that its ok with smaller decorations and caked would you attempt to do stipes around a whole cake or leave it minimal?
I was just curious how this works. I would think the fondant would be too heavy to stick to the buttercream alone? I have always stuck fondant to fondant because I was to scared my decorations would peel the buttercream off if I used fondant on buttercream. Anyone have any suggestions or experience?
$6.50 seems fair to me, at least they will be fresh and she soes not have to pay for shipping.
I think your price is fair expecially for that many people!!
ok great thanks everyone!
I think I boiled it to long I though it had to be completeky disolved or it would glog up the spray bottle? I never used this before but thought I would give it a shot. I also added the sugar after the water was boiling.
wow! That seems like alot?
I did 1 part sugar and 1 part water and mixed a little vanilla. I boiled it snd let it cool and now its hardening? Any suggestions?
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