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Indydebi- I love reading your responses to various topics you see to have a huge amount of information. I was wondering if your a scratch baker or doctored mix? I am trying to find a few good recipe's to make for a wedding cake but I need to use a doctored mix if possible. There are so many different recipe's out there and I just cant figure out which is a good recipe to go by in general. I have heard so many things about sour cream and pudding mixes. DO you have any...
I have a cake tasting with 4 cake flavors luckily only 1 frosting!! I charged her 30$ paid in advance for a tasting. I told her I dont have cakes just laying around so I had to charge for the materials and time. She wants a vanilla, chocolate, marble and red velvet tasting. I am doing them as cupcakes but does anyone know how I can divide this up so i dont have to make 4 seperate batches. I like the idea of making a vanilla cake and adding choc however how can I do this...
lol thank you, I was unsure if a cake board would support the weght of the cake of the top tier with the smaller tier under it.
Im in the same boat, I am building a tower and gecorating it with a beaded fringe ribbon thats sparkly, fancy cupcake liners,and colored buttercream maybe some edible pearls or small fondant flower or something IDK lol. My bride also wants a small 2 tier cake beige colored, and thats all I got to go on for the cake! I have no idea what to do with a beige cake so any advice would help me as well! AND she ordered a guitar grooms cake luckily that's pretty easy.
Take a look at my photo, the black tiers are just decorated spacers. The top tier sticks out farther then the 2nd which is a black spacer, do I have to fondant the bottom of the cake on the top tier or just put it on a cake plate? I am confused on how to get this to look right and still look like my design and not fall over. ANy advice would be helpful
like wilton rose?
Im making wedding cupcakes/cake and the brides colors are champagne pink and beige anyone have any idea's how to achieve a good color for either of these?
congrats! I will have to check it out!
Good Idea and SAVED by the camera!! I will include that in my delivery routine for now on! Can we see the cake that "just fell over" or at least the before picture
Hello,I created this cake in paint for a demo cake. When someone requests a cake like this I want to know how I will structually support this cake so I can qhote them a good price. Any advice would be great.
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