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good luck!
I would make it like a curse cake and carve it!
I just did a similar order and I had my sister halp me for 2 8hr days. I Charged $2 a cupcake and $1 for plain mini's meaning just a swirl + cost of ingrediants + delivery and set up + stand rental. The day before we worked on prep, I had her going on the little fondant flowers and butterflies, I was working on my bides cake and grooms cake decorations, I made up all the icing the night before and the next morning 5am I was doing the baking, as they were coming out after...
Maybe thats why the Almond was outragously strong? Have you tried the WASC? Is the almond really strong in that recipe as far as taste/smell?
Your NUTS!!!There is no way you should even think about maing this cake for $85!! The Fruit alone on that cake is about $30 + $150 for the Cigarillo's wether you buy them or do them by hand + Ribbon $5 + Cake Drum $5+ 6hrs of baking/decvorating time $60 + $30 in ingrediants. That alone is $280 and thats a rough estimate not including any profit!!
I made the WASC cake for the 1st time last night and I used Almond oil the oil smelled REALLY strong so instead of adding a tsp I added 1/4tsp and omg they were horrible the smell alone was overbearing. Im thinking there must be a world of difference between the two? I had to throw 3 dozen cupcakes away! In the WASC recipe is the Almond flavor really strong?
I agree with TexasSugar I charge 30$ for a tasting and that is for cupcakes not cakes!
I do my cake tasting with cupcakes becase it so much easier and you can freeze the leftover cupcakes rather than throwing the scraps away. I usually charge $25 for my stand rental, $50 for delivery and set up and that includes 10 miles anything more is .45 cents a mile if local. All my wedding cakes are delivered by myself and set up so they have to pay for delivery/set-up because I guarantee my cakes to the table. It is the brides responsibility to provide a safe table...
I just got an email from a lady who wants a necktie cake and 4 smaller necktyes with icing tubes and candies for the kids to decorate themselves. All 5 cakes Fondant basic chocolate/vanilla cake, for Saturday and she wants to pay $30-$40 LMAO there is no way I can meet that price. I told her she was asking for a cake that was at least $100 and I could not help her. I thanked her for thinking of me and wished her luck.I am a caker not a cake slave.
I just did decorated sugar cookies that were carousel horses handpiped and decorated and thats not a quick easy job! I would suggest you charge $2 a cookie at least.
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