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Thank you so much! 10-8-6 is a better idea do you think the layers in the picture are 2" or 1"?
The flower is beautiful! Let us know how it goes?
Im new at pricing wedding cakes and this will only be the second wedding cake I have done so I really need help! The layers would be 14" 10" & 6" chocolate and vanilla cake and the butterflies will be non edible. I was thinking $3 a serving...What do you think?  
I charge $1.25-1.50 for a regular chocolate or vanilla cupcake with buttercream. It depends on the quantity and transportation. I like to use the plastic cupcake containers so for a large quantity I would deff use the plastic instead of a box but that just my preference. If I use plastic containers I charge $1.50 a cupcake to cover the added expense. If they want any fondant letters or etc I charge .25 cents more depending on the decoration and how complex/time consuming...
Offer to make them for friends for just the cost of ingredients? Practice different techniques instead of making whole cakes? make 6" practice cakes to try the things you want to try?
This much cake should be about $900 NOT $350
to hard to say correctly.
Easy recipe: 1 chocolate cake mix + 1 12oz can of rootbeer soda- no eggs, no oil. Just mix and soda. Bake at 350 and you will have a rootbeer cake!
but of course she does that is why she wants a flawless cake for her flawless child bc she is a flawless mother
Dont give her the cake until you have cash in hand! If she does not like your cake than she does not take it!
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