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K8 that does sound do-able! The only concern I had is getting the cheesecake out of a non spring foam pan. any idea's on that?
Its cheesecake not cake. I could do a 12" cake as the show cake and then make enough for the remaining servings separately?
Is it even possible? She said just like the picture. any recommendations?
Hello! My bride is looking for a cake like below for 100-125 people. I'm clueless were to begin. I haven't seen a spring form bigger than 12" and are the servings same as cake? I need to give her a quote by tomorrow at the latest and really need some advice on how to meet her servings needed.    
Anywhere from $75 - $125 depending on what the market of your area is like.
I made this turtle out of about 7-8 ounces of fondant and I'm a little unsure how much to charge.    It cost me less than $4 to make and took me about one hour. I'm not sure the exact measurements but its sitting on a 6" round. I'd measure it but my 2 year old got a hold of it when I was uploading the pic to facebook and smashed it :(  I was thinking $15-$20, what do you think?
I was going to say roughly $325 min
worthpinning: My bride needs 90 servings so we are looking at 12"10"8"6" with the 6" being the anniversary tier (servings based of Earlenes Cake Serving Chart).   $3.50 x 98 sevings (I charge for anniversary tier) ------------------ $343.00 *     25% --------------     $85.75 +$343.00 -------------- $428.75 + $50.00 delivery/setup -------------------- $478.75   What are your thoughts?
Yes it is 2 tier I believe. It looks a little deceiving with the change from purple to white in the roses don't it? I think I will go with $3.50 a serving and that should cover both my time and ingredients and local delivery/setup fee. Thank you everyone for helping me sort my thoughts on this lol sometimes I just need to speak out loud and then I solve my own problem with a few responses so thank you again!
Of course! It just so happens that those sizes would work for the estimated amount of people at the reception too :) The other sizes were a bit over estimated.
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