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I get better with each cake so continue learning new techniques and practice any opportunity you can. Do you have pictures of the cakes you have done? Id love to see them I'm sure they are great :)
I REALLY want to make this cake. One think I am unsure of is how to achieve the color of this cake. Is it airbrushed? Any suggestions on how to replicate this cake? I think it is so beautiful and I love simple elegance like this.
I would charge $5 a flower and $3 for simple fondant cake.
If my customer wants to pick up the cake rather than it be delivered I be sure to let them know once the cake leaves my possession I am no longer responsible for what happens to it..
I just cut or hollow out a spot to stick barbies legs down in the center so barbies big but don't break my cake dress lol   I too would scoop some out and put her In and patch it up. It will be fine its a smaller cake I cant see it falling to pieces so easily??
Thanks again! I felt confident with my quote I gave her thanks to your help and advice.   ellavanilla- how do you stick the crust to the cheesecake? Can you describe how you form the crust to fit your cheesecake after the fact?
No way you have been an amazing help to me! One last question and I promise I will leave you alone. What would you charge for this?
Ok maybe I should really think on which recipe to use and if i want to stack them. I have professional appliances but I will definitely go home and measure before I make any commitments!   9"=5 cups really? This is making my brain hurt!!!! And I still have to price the dang thing!
Ha lol I yes cant forget the crust!   I'm definitely going with a New York style. I need a math expert for sure I'm not positive but a 9" recipe has roughly 3 cups?
Thank you so much for taking the time to really explain everything!   So take the 1/2 pan and make a 1/2 circle of cardboard and place the cardboard template in the pan then put aluminum or parchment over my cardboard template and pour in the cheesecake and bake?   Also If my recipe works for a 9" pan how would I convert that for an 18" pan? I was thinking multiply it by 5 but I'm just pulling that out of the air lol
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