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ot looks like tear drop or cirlcle cutter was used?
Anna I PM you! If you can fit more than one on a sheet that would be awesome so I don't waste a whole sheet. Thanks everyone for your help!
I need a sillouette cut for an anniversary cake I'm making for my wedding anniversary but do not own a cutter. Anyone willing to help me get this image cut? Of course I'd be willing to pay for it and shipping!
This cake may be small but it has alot of fondant and detail. I would probably estimate how much my ingredients were for this cake and approximately how man hours it took me and go from there but I would definitely not do it for less that $90
My step mother just sent me this link of cake wrecks lol
This literally made me laugh out loud. I have had people ask some of the dumbest questions!
HMMM ....   24 cupcakes with fondant decor at $4 each = $96 2 Smash cakes (assuming buttercream) $15 each= $30 2 12" (45 servings each)+ 2 Ballpan on top (12 servings each)= 57 servings x 2 cakes is 114 servings @ $3.25 a serving for Fondant cakes = $370.50   $370.50 $096.00 $030.00 ------------ $496.50 would be my GUESTAMENT
That cake is a mess! I would charge about $1,000 for the big one :)
Anyone out there?
OK so you have nothing to worry about! Your cakes are great. They have nice smooth fondant they look to be straight and constructed well. You already have a good base of knowledge to start with and all you need to do is keep challenging yourself by adding a new technique and trying something different or new with each one you can. I would pay for those cakes and so would others keep up the good work and post those pictures on here you should be proud of them :)
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