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Client wants to put a stuffed Peter Rabbit on the top of a cake. What should I use as a barrier between the cake and the stuffed animal? Thanks!
I typically use the Extra Special Buttercream recipe I got here on CC, but a client requested something not too sweet. Any suggestions on a crusting buttercream that is not as sweet as this one? Thanks!
I am making a wedding cake to serve 150. I really didn't want to go higher than 4 tiers, including the top tier that won't be served. I am not sure what size tiers to use to get that many servings, but then not having the top tier be so much smaller than the others. If I did a 16/14/12, that would give me enough servings but then if the keepsake tier is only a 6 inch, would that look funny? Any suggestions on sizes to use? Thanks!
I am looking for care bears figures for my cake. I can't seem to find any anywhere and the ones I find on ebay are all tiny. Any ideas where I can find some that are taller than 2" for a reasonable price and get them quickly?
I'm looking for a good recipe for a cookies and cream/oreo cake filling. Anybody have a good one? Thanks!
I'm looking for a good icing recipe for cupcakes, like the kind they use on all the cupcake shows that they just swirl around. It looks so light and fluffy. Any suggestions?
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