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Thank you!!!!
Does anyone know what the website is that has a huge database of cookies? It's like cake central but only cookies. I stumbled upon it once and can't find it again! Thanks!
I am making a cake with pillars so that I can put fresh flowers between tiers. I don't want to put the cake layers directly on the separator plates because I don't really like the look of them. If I put the tiers on a board like I normally would, can I just set the board on the separator plates? I'm concerned about them sliding off or being unstable. Any thoughts or input? Thanks!
Prefer scratch or doctored box mix, but at this point it doesn't matter. Thanks!
I know this has probably been discussed a thousand times, but I can't seem to find it. I need a good recipe for a white cake that is sturdy enough for carving into a topsy turvy. I tried recently with my usual wasc cake and it was way too moist, disastrous. Anybody have a good one? Thanks!
I'm looking for a cake and icing recipe that are healthier than my normal ones. Something that's maybe a little less sugar, or uses applesauce. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Hopefully someone can help me here, I got an e-mail from CC because my cookies were chosen to be featured on the monster high feature. I now get a 'badge' to display on my profile, and the e-mail says to copy and paste the link included, but I don't know where to paste it at on my profile page. Any help is appreciated!
Can anyone reccomend a good recipe for cupcakes similar to the chocolate lava cake? Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
I found a small sand castle form that I want to use to make a small cake with. It is plastic, so I can't bake the cake in it, but I'd love for the cake to have the shape of the form. Does anyone have any ideas of how to use the plastic form to create the cake in this shape? If I can't make it from cake, I'll do rice krispy treat, but I'd rather make it from cake. Thanks for any tips!
What is the recommended technique for making the destination labels/stickers on a stacked suitcase cake? I was thinking edible images, but didn't know if there's another method. Thanks!
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