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This looks to be fondant all around. Use an already sized parchment paper to cut the of the red top and then use a ruler to measure each cake tier, roll out your fondant, cut the size strip you need to all the way around the cake then use an impression mat of your choice. You may need to trim any excess fondant that may exceed the top of each cake. Hope this helps.
I have a few questions for you...What brand of fondant do you use? When you cover your cake with the fondant, do you pull the fondant?How long does it take you from the time you roll out the fondant to transferring it to your cake?
I actually use both oil and butter.. so it's depending on the recipe I use and I never change my recipe based on my cake pan. Situations like these you may want to adjust the oven temp, what type of oven do you have? oven gas, electric or conventional? Conventional oven tends to dry out the cake faster, you may want to purchase a stand (or hanging) oven thermometer, this will determine if you over is baking accurately and may be baking hotter than you should.. PM me if...
I actually use the Giant wilton pan often. What I've experienced with the pan was that it's deep and it would not bake evenly. SO, after a few tried I came up with MY way of baking with this pan. I would use a metal rose nail tip, placed it upside down so the needle would point upward, next I used a piece off the wilton wonder mold kit and it's the ROD STAND. The metal nail would hold the rod in place during baking. I just made sure to cover them with butter and cake...
This can also be a buttercream transfer... use acetate over your preferred lettering one color to write the word and another color for the overall layer.Just a thought.
I would require a tasting fee prior to the tasting date and I would charge a fee for no show.
I agree, they look like royal icing brushed embroidery and probably airbrushed after. I did one myself.Sorry!
Jomo70, your cake turned out great, not sure why you beat yourself up!Awesome job!!!
Well good luck, hope it turns out well!In regards to RKT, I can mold with my hand and it's easier (to me) to shape it, however try to compress the RKT as much as possible. I would use icing and smear over the RKT then my fondant OR if your RKT is smooth enough you can just apply a thick layer of fondant. If you use a thinner layer without the icing, it'll come out bumpy.Take some photos, would love to see your creation!
Since it's at least a month out (I) would accept their reschedule, but I would mention in writing that YOU require a minimum of 30 calendar days notice of the new date and CAN NOT guarantee they date they chose may not be available.Each customer and situations always differ and I normally use my best judgement and sometimes over ride my contract for these special circumstances. At least it's a reschedule and not a cancellation.Good luck.
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