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Yeah that price for the cuisinart does look nice, but for me my mom and my grandmother both had KA and i guess i want to continue and have a KA but yeah the pricing of those KA 's scare me, 300.00 damn
I currently only have a 30 yr old hand-me-down hand mixer for my cakes hence i dont make my own fondant or buttercream yet! But i am dying to buy a KA stand mixer... but you say the new artisan KA in multi-colors aren't any good???
i dont know about the home recipe but yeah i jsut started using the wiltons cake release and omg i love it.But i tried the PAM baking spray once... maybe i did something worng ( i doubt it thought) and it didn't help at all.. the cake was totally stuck and very very very crumy
That is absolutely disgusting!Thank u soo much for the information
now when you use crisco does it still retain its stickiness... I had an odd shaped cake the last time i used fondant and had to cover the cake in two pieces, but i couldn't get the seams to knead and connect... it was so frustrating? how do you avoid that?
I recently purchased my first box on Wilton's pre-made ready to use fondant, According to wiltons instructions it said to dust your hands, the surface, and the fondant with confectioners sugar.But I've also seen plenty of place where it said to use cornstartch... whats the difference??Which should I use?
After I've made the base of my figure how do I cover it with fondant?Do i do one blanket piece and then add on details?... or do i have to put on icing and then put on the fondant... Help Please??
but where do you get tylose and is it the same as gum-tex??
So do you suggest mixing the gumpaste with fondant or can i mix gum-tex with fondant. I heard that gum-tex and tylose are the same is that true?
So I am making fondant characters or partially Fondant Partially RKT characters, and I know how to color fondant for covering the cake and all, but im making a bunch of small chacters, how do i add their color details???Do i really have to color large amounts of fondant just for the small bits of color on small characters?
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