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I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown if I can't figure this out!  For me it is always my smallest (top) cake and always using a 50/50 blend BC and shortening (never ganache or cream cheese).  I have tried refrigerating just before, after filled or not at all and yet it still happens.  My latest disaster is a 3 tiered wedding cake 6+8+12.  8"+10" had straws in them for stability so know problems the 6" developed a large bubble on one side, I popped the bubble and...
Here are some that I have made;
I have just started to use/make my own modeling chocolate.  Just curious what most ppl use to make figures and 3d objects.....modeling chocolate or gumpaste?   Thanks, Rebecca
I can't seem to figure out how to find the person who made this awesome cake but I would love to know how she/he made the letter topper......any suggestions?
How would you suggested the top tier is made.  I mean if the top tier is 6" would you place a 7" cake platter underneath for stability or just use a 6" base and  let the rosettes hang???? I am afraid that the rosettes will fall off once the cake come to room temp.   Trying to avoid a disaster, Rebecca
You can rent the pan at Bulk Barn it comes with full instructions and # serving.  As for the filling make sure you create a dam with buttercream icing and then you can fill with strawberries and a stabilized  whipped cream.  
Airbrushed silver onto Burgandy fondant.  I need to make a 25 anniversary for an indian inspired cake and I was thinking on airbrushing a paisley in design onto a burgandy fondant covered cake but not sure if it will work.
I'm sure I have seen a purse cake post where they took 2 round cake, cut both ends, stood it up and then covered with icing and fondant..........I guess you can't do that with just any size??? I have no problem advising my client that it needs to be fondant.   
Please help the last time I tried this is was a disaster!!! I need to stack two 7"x11" cakes on there end to make a 3D TV.  I don't want them to topple over.  As well the client would prefer buttercream but that makes me even more nervous as fondant will add more stability.  Any one tried in buttercream? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Help! I need to price a 5 tiered square demask wedding cake to serve 320 people. I was thinking a 16"+14"+12"+10"+8" for   $2000 including delivery ($6 per slice).  Is this too much?  I live in Canada.   Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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