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I've recieved that exact one and several other similar ones.  Scam, run the other way screaming!
I have a very small advertising budget too and every year I am trying different combinations of advertising to get the biggest bang for my buck.  My focus is Wedding Cakes, so thay is where I put ALL my advertising $$.  I take advantage of free listings online for both weddings and parties, I am listed on every free listing site I could find, weddingwire, eventective, online yellow pages etc, since most brides start thier search online there is a greather chance they...
I do not put fresh flowers on a cake until I deliver and se up the cake for the wedding. I use cake flower pics (plastic tubes inserted in the cake to minimize contact with the cake. For flowers on the top I cut a circle of parchment paper to put between the flowers & the cake.
I would ice then seperately on thier own cardboards (cut to the size & shape of #) and then place them on a larger board together.
Use buttercream as "glue" for the ribbon.
I have a legal home business under cottage law. Not sure about your state but home baking businesses here still need to be licenced, pay taxes, be inpected just like a brick and mortar bakery. What I would suggest is find out what limits the cottage law places on home bakers (here we cannot sell cheesecakes & real dairy whipped cream cakes) and push those items that you can provide that the others cannot. So laws limit how & where cottage law bakers can sell. Don't...
I have a degree in art, but never went to cullinary school. I learned baking & the basics of decorating on the job working for a bakery during college. I've always been handy in the kitchen & creative so my cake business is a perfect blend of those.
I just do old school pencil sketches. I scan them into Jpeg and insert the sketch into the cake contract.
Its probably the same cake, the pic she showed me was blue fondant with white figures on the sides. I've searched 3 supply compabies I typically use without any luck. I might just have to go with flat sillouettes, which I told the bride might be our best option if I ould not find a mold.
Does anyone know if there is a mold anywhere out there of Greek figures (Greek mythology, greek gods etc). I have a bride who brough me a pic of a cake with greek figures on the sides of the cake and they appear to me to be molded.
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