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Those are really nice boobs! To a fellow newbie, it looks like they used the ball pan from Wilton.
It's for about 25 people. She wanted the serving size to be about 2.5 x 2.5. In that case, I will probably go with the torting option. Thanks so much for the tip!
I apologize for the newb question but I am making an 11x15 sheet cake for a baby shower at work. I really want it to look professional, and I am stuck on one thing... one layer or two?!?!?Do you guys normally make one layer and torte, or do you normally make 2 layers, or one layer and frost, or what? You see how this can boggle the mind of a newbie. TIA
I'd love to know how to make the poinsettas. I'd really like to use them for a Christmas cake.
This is officially the greatest thread ever. In the whole wide world. Ever.
Thanks KHalstead for all of your advice! I purchased supplies to make one cc bouquet and it was $15! They styrofoam ball was $12! I can't wait to try this using your tips.
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