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[quote=\\"au_decorator_76\\"]I really liked the taste and consistency of glace but it got cloudy after a few hours. I didn\\\\\\'t like that.[/quote]I\\'ve seen on here that if you at several drops of white coloring to the glace, it won\\'t get cloudy.
Your tutorial is awesome. Can't wait to try this!
Thanks guys! I really appreciate the support. I will definitely try the FBCT again (hopefully with better results).
So, we threw my co-worker a diapers and wipes baby shower on Wednesday. I spent 2 days lovingly preparing animal FBCT's for the cake to match the invitations. By 9:00 the night before, I was ready to place the transfers on the cake and make the final touches. Plopped them on the cake and - STUCK! Two came off fine, but the other two wouldn't come off the wax paper!I don't know what I did wrong. I used medium consistency Wilton recipe icing. They were in the freezer ample...
I know how you feel. One of my cakes was favorited last week and it totally made my day. Who would have thought it would have made me so happy? It's really just nice to know that someone saw and appreciated the effort you put into your creation, especially for a newbie. Congratulations and many more!!
I've had my Kitchenaid for about 6 months now and have used it A TON. I love it. I have had no issues with it. Every product is going to have a few unsatisfied customers, so I'm glad I ignored the reviews and bought the Kitchenaid anyway. Good info about the cricut. I definitely won't be buying one now.
LOL! Exactly what I wanted to say.
They look like real rose petals to me. The stuff dripping down looks like ganache IMHO.
Thanks icer101. I guess what you're saying is, it all depends on what they are willing to pay for. It would make more sense just to ask her what she is looking for. I am making a jungle theme with FBCT. I will post pics once it's done.This site and everyone on it rock!
Southern Living has a really good chocolate recipe. It uses melted unsweetened, and semi-sweet baker's chocolate along with cocoa poweder. It's really dark and delicious!
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