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Wow! We have to hunt that person down and get them to show us how they did that!
I was really proud of this one. I took a lot of inspiration from other CC cakes, but it was the chair that my husband and I made out of popsicle sticks that really made me grin.'ve learned so much from this site, and I can really see the difference in my cakes. Since I'm self taught, it's great to have someone/someplace to turn to with questions. Oh, and this one too:
LOL! Priceless!
Exactly! That's what he kept telling me. "Keep in mind you would be my exclusive baker. You'll get a lot of exposure." The nerve of some people.
Thanks for the tips, guys. I, unfortunately, don't have access to buy at wholesale prices, but I am looking into doing that. Right now I'm at the mercy of Walmart and how they choose to price their items. I forgot to mention that the person who "priced herself out of the job" was charging $11 per dozen. At least that's what he told me. Hopefully a better opportunity will come along. I'm perfectly content to wait until then.
So a friend of the family called me a few days ago. He owns a catering business in town and is looking for someone to supply cakes and cupcakes. He said the person who was his previous supplier priced herself out of the job. So he tells me he has this big job where he needs 300 mini devil's food cakes, covered in vanilla icing and chocolate ganache and asks how much I would charge. I tell him $14 for a dozen. He is shocked! "$14?? That's how much I sell them for!" Then I...
If you look in the Articles section, there is a really good tutorial.
Thanks for the help, guys! artscallion, that is sooo cute! I'll post pics when I'm done.
Hi All!I am making a cake for a first birthday party for a boy. Mom gave me the invitation to base the cake on. My first idea was to build a crib using chocolate or RI for the top of the cake. The crib would have wires inserted with the word "PARTY" spelled out on each wire (make sense?) along with starts to match the invite. The problem is that the cake is an 11x15 sheet cake and I'm just not sure how that would look. I've been pondering over this for a few days and I...
Oh, and WAR EAGLE au_decorator_76!!
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