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I'll go first to make up for jumping the gun earlier.
I really love Amanda's blog. She has some really cool tips out there that I'd like to try. I really liked the vertical cake layers but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to try it. LOL!Motherofgrace - I wasn't "whining" about anyone making them. I quite clearly asked for opinions of others. After reading them, I understand more what people see in them. Sheesh.Imagenthatnj- That is really cute. I think I understand now. The point is to make something elegant, simply. Thanks for...
When I read it now, I see it that I misunderstood. Sometimes it's hard to totally grasp meaning in writing. Sorry about that. I just thought I'd ask because everytime I saw a rosette cake, I'd say, What's the deal with this cake? I think of it in the same way I would think of it if I started seeing a bunch of completely orange cakes with yellow stripes. You'd just kinda say, "What's the deal with these cakes?"
Are you saying here that you saw my cake AFTER you posted? In that case, yes, I did misunderstand.
Just saw your other post. It's cool. But I'm still a little sad.
Wow. That was a little uncalled for. That cake was a request from someone. Not like I just got a wild hair to make one. I saw the rosette design on I Am Baker too but was more interested in her vertical cake layers than the rosettes. Sorry you took it so personally, but it's not a dig at anyone. I was just wondering if someone could explain what the draw was from their perspective. Your response, up until the end, was what I was hoping to hear from folks.
I've seen an explosion of rosette cakes on CC lately. It seems like they always end up in the Top Faves. Personally, I don't find them all that lovely, even when well executed. They seem pretty simple.I'm just wondering if others could give me their perspective on them. What do you find so nice about them? What's the big deal? Thanks!
The most I've ever charged was $69 (I know. Weird number.) It was for an 11X15 cake, a 6 inch smash cake, and a dozen cupcakes. The big cake had a crib on it made out of popsicle sticks, and the cupcakes and smash cake were decorated to match the big one. I wayyyyy undercharged, but it was for a friend. Worst part is that I wasn't able to get pics of the cakes because I had to run out of the door to deliver them as soon as I was done.
She says "i carved it, the swirl I made with stiff buttercream and covered with fondant"
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