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LOL @ "Abernacle!"
I'm sorry for your loss. Check the galleries here. There are several beautiful cakes there. I never knew people requested special cakes until I saw it on here.
Thank you!
Thanks guys! I'm going to order some now!
Does anyone know what size these are? Sounds like a deal until it arrives in tiny bottle.
If you do call Bronwen, please post their response here. I'd like to know as well. Thanks!
Same with me. My friend wanted me to make a tropical themed birthday cake. I searched online for days and came up with a great idea that called for gumpaste hibiscus and other tropical flowers. I was really excited because it would be my first time working with gumpaste flowers. A few days ago, I got a text that said, "If you don't feel like making that cake, I understand." Huh?We all know what that means. Someone decided to go with another baker. Needless to say, I will...
That's an excellent idea!
Louise's Cakes and Things is in Birmingham. She has mostly everything you need! She moved to Hwy 31 near the Galleria. Do you know where the Staples is? She's right by it.
That one requires the patience of Job! If I ever made that one, the letters would be A LOT bigger. LOL
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