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I bought and used the Magic Line cake tins yesterday. All I can saw is Holy Cow!! The difference is amazing! The cake baked tall and level. After I finished icing the cake, my DH remarked that it was the tallest cake I had ever made. He even brought out the tape measure! LOLOne thing I noticed is that the cake took a little longer to bake than in my "old" tins. Has anyone noticed that? There was a bit that was not completely done in the center but I just trimmed the top...
This made me LOL! Love it!
There are different print settings for photographs. Are you using those settings? They use more ink but give you a higher quality image.
Beat me to it! I like this better than the 'R thing. Too Toys 'R Us.
Holy crap! That is terrible. Why would someone want that at their baby shower?
I have always thought baby bump cakes were weird. Something about that just ain't right.
This is exactly what I was going to say!
Oooh! I hope I get mine today. I love getting goodies in the mail!
I'm looking at those today! I can't wait to try them. Thanks for the info!
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