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She said she needs a 12 step program (possibly because she has so many cookbooks), not you. You really need to relax.
Jason, you always have great advice. Thanks for being awesome.
Looks like an offset to me too. I bet they waited until it was crusted and that created the jagged parts DeniseNH is seeing.
I thought it was adorable! I just added it to my faves.
I wondered about bulk cake mixes. Anyone know where to buy them?
I'm making a 2 tiered Batman themed birthday cake for my brother (he's 39) Made the red velvet layers yesterday and just finished the chocolate layers. They are all chilling in the freezer. Fondant and icing tomorrow ,and assembly Sunday.
I type it up in the font and size that I want, then flip the text backwards using PhotoShop (you could really just turn the paper over once it's printed out so that the text is backwards). I place a sheet of wax paper over my reversed image (think FBCT) and pipe over the letters. I pop it in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Once it's set, I remove it and place it on my cake, icing side down, to make an imprint. I remove the wax paper then I pipe over the imprint.It's a...
Very informative post. Thanks for this. And carmijok, you never cease to make me giggle with your posts!
Very nice. I also don't "love" the buttons at the bottom or the sparkles that rotate around the homepage image. The site is so elegant and those take away from your design. Your cakes are beautiful!
My husband took me back and bought the 9x13 pan for me. You know a cake brand is amazing when your husband is so impressed that HE buys the pans for YOU! I will never stray away from this brand.
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