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"The cake I'd make for you would be mighty mighty, lettin' it all hang out."Bwahahahahahahaaha! That was awesome!
I have interchanged them in doctored mix recipes and had wonderful results. I was converting a lemon cake to key lime. Since there is no key lime pudding, I used lime jello, It was wonderful! Texture was almost the same as the original recipe and the flavor was amazing.
Since there are no eggs in the cookie dough, I would say it didn't require refridgeration. The sugar will stabilize the butter. Just a thought, though.
Edible image. But still amazing work!
You can do a large buttercream transfer. I think there is a tutorial on this site that shows how to do this with cupcakes.
Looks like the Wilton daisies done in buttercream. You can find instructions on
LOL! I have to say you guys crack me up sometimes. To the OP, you just have to be patient sometimes. Depending on the time you post, only a handful of folks may have had time to see your post and fewer than that have an idea immediately. I don't have an idea either, aside from lobsters and corn. Just thought I'd chime in.
Got my 50 lb bag yesterday! I'm soooo excited. I have never in my life seen this much cake mix. Now I have to figure out how to store it all. ~
That's very pretty!
That's what I was thinking too, cakestyles. She offered to come pick up the cake and pay the amount requested. I know it sucks when people complain about the cost of a cake, but that will always happen. It seemed she was willing to pay for it anyway, even though she didn't like the price. I guess I'm confused.
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