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If I understand correctly,maybe you can bake it in a glass Pyrex dish. That's what I did with my Minnie Mouse hat.
Check out this thread...
  That is awesome!
I think you mean piping gel. You can get it at Hobby Lobby and Michael's (and other cake decorating supply places.)
There is an amazing cake by the Cake Mix Doctor that uses vanilla cake, lemon pudding, lemon juice and zest, and lemon yogurt. It's delcious and moist. No one can ever tell it's not from scratch (most of my cakes are).
Super cute! Great job!
I know this is old, but I used a white cake mix, key lime yogurt, and lime jello. Worked out wonderfully! It was derived from the Cake Mix Doctor's Lemon Lovers cake.
Adding black would be my suggestion as well.
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