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You rock ddaigle! Your instructions were awesome!
I wasn't sure as this is the first cake I had done that was this big and supported in this way. I think one of the problems is my wilton cake pans although this cake is more rounded than usual. My cakes usually have rounded corners no matter how hard I try to get a sharp edge. The person I made it for loved it and it was delivered in one piece! The only problem is the grill on the front came off so it was repaired. Thanks to everyone for the help! I couldn't have done...
Thank you so much cakejeanie! That is what I was looking for. Was hoping there was something showing someone doing yhe stripes but hopefully I csn figure it out. You guys rock
I have purchased a few cake classes on Craftsy. I have some that I still need to watch   I was hoping I could find a free tutorial on the internet. I understand that you grease wax paper and put down your fondant and flip it onto the cake. What  I am trying to figure out is  when you put the fondant onto the cake (images of horror come to my mind ) How do you keep the fondant from sliding? That's when it gets scary! I guess you measure the cake first but what do you do if...
Thanks! Does anyone else know of any way easier to do this?
Love your cake! I hope mine turns out that well. Did you put the stripes over fondant or buttercream icing on the cake?
I thought about that but I have never done a wax paper transfer. I really don't want to do them one at a time. I was hoping there is an easier way.
Can anyone please help please? I have searched to find out if there is an easy way to get the strips of fondant onto the cake instead of placing them on one by one. I am planning on using a clay extruder for the rainbow stripes. I can find the cake but no instructions or tutorials. Any ideas? Here is a picture. I hope you can see it. Thanks in...
I have one too. I have used it more than twice but have fought to get good cuts when I use it. I called Cricut and they told me to roll the fondant paper thin (which I was doing) and freeze it for about 45 minutes. I tried this and it helped. Although they also told me it was not designed to make cuts any smaller than 3"??? Mine stays stored most of the time too.
I am wondering if you had the center dowel nailed all the way into the silver drum? If the center dowel isn't nailed through the bottom cake board/drum it can slip. So when you say the entire cake was intact and toppled over it sounds to me like the center dowel wasn't nailed into the bottom cake drum..I can't tell from looking at the picture if there is a hole in the bottom board. Do you remember?
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