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Right down this page Rylan has put together a big amount of links for sculpting a lot of things. There are a lot of farm animals included.
I was actually thinking of this idea as well. My dad does some wood working and I would probably lean towards this, as I can make a larger size than 12". I'm sure there are some vids on assembling one of these from scratch.
The funny part is all the stuff that is left out.1234 Cake# 1 cup butter or 1 cup margarine# 2 cups white sugar# 3 cups flour (all purpose)# 3 teaspoons baking powder# 1/2 teaspoon salt# 4 eggs# 1 cup milk# 1 teaspoon vanilla or 1 teaspoon lemon flavoring Maybe they need a new name for this cake. How about the Half Triple One Two Double Three Four Cake?
I was looking on Amazon at the Ateco Revolving Cake Stand (circle and square).Which one would be a better purchase? Do you guys have both these types or do you just get one and work with it.
No, I just took the plate part off and set it on a level surface. It actually was made uneven.I'll just get my money back.Thanks for all the post.
Should I send this back? My brother got it for me for a small christmas gift and when I spin it, you can clearly see it wobbling.The reason I ask, is that I don't know the ratio of how smooth one of these should be. Although I can't exactly explain how wobbly it is, I would say you have to get eye level with it to really see that it is clearly uneven when it spins. It's not like you can see it from an overview.
Do you buy fondant Sugar, or make your own.
*wonders how long it will take me to collect all these crazy tips over the years*
Does the volcano "have" to be the cake part that is consumed? You could make a "moat" around the volcano if not for the lava to run into. While the rest of the cake around it is the part that will be eaten.
You should change the topic to "Tell me what I want is right/No other ideas will work"LOL
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