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Also someone suggested to me the page protectors from Walmart. I may give that a shot as well since I'm seeing the acetate sheets come in bulk.
Thanks sherry. I've never heard of them, so I'll have to look that up.
Since watching a lot of Cake Boss and watching them smooth the buttercream with little (what looks like) plastic pieces, does anyone currently use one of these and can it be "homemade" (cutting it out from a certain item to make one?)
Are you sure you would want a 11x17? If I'm not mistaken, isn't the base dimension to the Eiffel tower a square? Just as an observation, I would say that would be wasting cake if you didn't stack square tiers and cut them.
Thanks Jen. I have until November for the phineas cake, but with the last 3 I done, I waited until the week of before I started on them. I'd like to try to get myself more motivated on this one. But I'm sure I'll have to do some more before then and would probably like to start incorporating models.I'm really ready to finally get to the point where I know my recipes and don't have to worry with that type of stuff. Just coming up with a new idea for a cake. It is so...
I was going to try the Gum Tex with fondant just to play around, but I am just unsure of how much is enough. Because I honestly wouldn't be applying gum tex to the full amount of fondant, as I would want to break it apart, color it (because of things like needing just a tad bit of brown hair) and then apply the gum tex. Seems awefully technical when it comes down to how much is enough.
Yes that helps a lot cakesue. Thanks for the post!I haven't been able to look anything up yet, but I think I know what my next problem will be, and that is what to make it out of.What recipe do you guys make yours out of? It's hard to see so many recipes on the web, but then to not really know which one will actually work.Has anyone ever used fondant and mixed Gum-Tex in it to do models?
thanks!i'm mainly doing google searches and also hitting the video link, but i'm pretty sure it is my wording that may be incorrect and also why i cant find those "100's", lol
I was trying my hardest to look for video's or sites that show how to make people models and wasnt coming up with much.Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to make figures (gumpaste, modeling chocolate, whatever). I'm interested to learn how but it is the technique on how it is all done that I'm wondering.Questions like: Is the whole body made then the clothes made separate? Do you just make the section like "short sleeve shirt" and then fit arms to...
I am making a simple 1 tier (2 8inch rounds) and putting a bowling ball on top of it for my father in law.I dont have a shop or anything fansy, just the fondant and some food coloring, as I don't do this to often, just love doing it for fun.Would anyone know how to make my fondant the color of a bowling alley? (or nearabout, he won't be hard to please). Overall the basic one tone color. I don't really have to try to perfect a wood tone or anything like that. I am just...
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