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I'm pretty sure nothing in this world would ever make me try to make my own black fondant again, especially from white. Maybe if I started with chocolate I would.
Most likely due to the fact that they can get a sheet cake for 20 bucks that feeds 15 Same for this area I live in as well, lol.
I'm actually doing a lime green with zebra stripes now for this weekend. I saw Buddy do zebra stripes one time (pretty sure he had a pizza cutter?) He was done with them in seconds. I mean, if you think about it, you don't have to be extremely precise anyway. Just go to town on some rolled out fondant and make a point on the end. is on the "How Do I" Forums.Lots of information in here. Maybe not specifically on Dora, but a good read!
"Oops... there's nothing to see here. Either you do not have access to these photos, or they don't exist at this web address. Please contact the owner directly to gain access"!!!!
Or do it with gumpaste. I did some just last night at around 8 oclock. I got up today at 7 and they were hard as a rock. I got some Wilton gumpaste from Michaels (at 40% off) and it wasn't bad at all (not like most of the complaining you will see about Wilton stuff) I even colored it with no problems.I used the "roll em out into a snake" method.I've tried with fondant before in the past for something similar to this, and I will agree, you better make plenty of time for...
Actually, the whole Republican/Democrat jokes/insults have been so funny to me. Almost every Democrat I know is religious, must be something up north or out west kind of thing. Weird.I'm very religious and would have never chose the other cake over yours, but then again, I know a little about cake making
I am a one and done on making my own black as well. Not worth the hassle at all.
I only do cakes for family and actually just got my first request (that I agreed to) from a girl at work.I am in your same shoes. If I made a cake like that, there is no way I would be charging even 200+.Seeing these post here with 500+ is really insane, but then again, I am not in a big cake business and only hobby bake.I will be doing a 10" square and 8" round stacked and I'm still nervous about what to charge. I mean, 50 to 60 bucks have entered my head. And my cakes...
I agree. If this is a big problem, then why would this site allow it? Why would Cake Central not be in trouble for allowing these to be posted? Obviously they can't monitor 24/7 every picture, but it's not like images of this haven't been on the site for a short period of time. I would have never know it was illegal, just from coming here and seeing it all the time. (sorry if off topic, but oohrahwifey brings up a good point! And I agree that I believe it as well, it is...
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