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I laughed at this one.
Good advice so far. I'll add my drop in the bucket.Make them (or 1 if you are confident) days in advanced. I've had a 1 or 2 break or dry up and I didn't like it, but the other I made was great. Plus the whole "oops i dropped it, now what"I usually harden mine overnight, not sure about others But that workflow is done 3 to 4 days ahead of time due to wanting the perfect one. Not good enough? You still have more time to try again!
Good question.I just decided to pick one from amazon. "Airbrush Cake Decorating System Precision Dual-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush Set with Mini Air Compressor Plus 4 Americolor AmeriMist Airbrush Food Colors" is the description on amazon for the one I was looking at.With 21 reviews and 4 1/2 stars, I figured that would work out, especially for the little bit I would be using it. That is another reason I wasn't going to go for a really expensive one. Really awesome...
Haha.. me to!I was interested in seeing what all you guys would want, and it has turned into a big mess! Because now I am wanting more and more and more.Like....90% of these post that I'm reading... I'm saying... "Oooo, yeah, that would be good".I like the post about dreaming and getting and Editable Image Printer... LOL.Sigh.
Mmmm... this is a good idea for sure. Took a mental note on that one.
The time has come that all my family is already asking people for Christmas ideas and that triggered me to post this. I would like to see ideas and thoughts of what you guys might be asking for Christmas this year!You don't have to link anything, just a general "I want".I want an Airbrush kit, due to wanting to have a little more fun with my cakes when I actually do make them (If you don't like Christmas, don't care for Christmas, or don't want to see Christmas, then just...
+1Unless you were meaning that you do fondant cakes, you've just never done a wedding cake in fondant. I don't do many cakes at all, but I am no where near ready for a wedding cake right now.. lol. Good luck, hope it turns out awesome for you.
Hmm.. I tried vodka and americolor this weekend. Is there a technique to making a certain color, or do you just have to already be mixing with that specific color.When trying to make lime green, I failed pretty hard. I figured it works like fondant, but this did not at all. Maybe my portions are way off though. Maybe I should google first on mixing gel colors.Is luster dust easier to work with, or the same.
I haven't really tried painting fondant yet, but maybe wanted to give a shot in the near future.What all would I need besides the brushes. Brand that is popular? (better)
I made a Protein Shake container for my brother last year. It was all black fondant (duff's). The cake was awesome looking and I either didn't remember about the "no frig" remarks or forgot. Either way, I put the cake in the frig for literally 4 hours and when I got it out, within 10 minutes the cake had HUGE beads of sweat all over it. It was very noticeable and actually took away from the cake a bit, but most people in this area have never seen something like that,...
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