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ugh, i was afraid of that. looks like it will be nearly impossible to find a good recipe for something now. just going page by page has no effect for showing which one everyone loves the most. that kinda ruins the whole section. back to google!
The recipes used to have how many people had them saved so it was easy to see how many people fav'd it and it had a rating.  Is all that gone now?  I have no idea how popular recipes are anymore when looking at them. I don't know if it is just random recipes post in order or what now.
Glad this was posted and saved me the trip and money for buying one of these. What a way to ruin your name for a buck. I don't agree at all that you can defend him for this choice "just to make a buck". Anyone picking this cake up to eat it will be doing so because of his name on it, not because it is 20 bucks.All I see on his show is how he YELLS at someone for screwing something up because it has his name on it. To defend his decision to sell a horrible cake makes no...
I was doing some cake searching and revisited this topic.It looks like butter and shortening is in the recipe posted, but butter is never mentioned when talking about adding ingredients. The source says either butter or shortening. Is this recipe suppose to be "Either" as well? If so, does the butter need to be softened?thanks!
Would love to try it, but there is no way I could find a use for that amount that is called for in the recipe. I haven't seen anyone that have posted a recipe that is lower in quantity.
Have you ever cut that in half for a small cake? I assume cutting in half would technically be the same taste, but I guess I have to ask, lol.
Do you guys buy cake flour, or do you make it from scratch as well. I've only seen 1 single box of cake flour in walmart as far as choices.
Oh man this thing was horrible, LOLIt was the perfect STRUCTURE cake though. I could have tossed it in the air and flipped it a couple of times around my back.Open to more advice or that recipe of your jgifford... haha. My wife is not liking me practicing over and over and throwing cakes in the trash.going to have to spread this out.
Yeah, I actually like pound cake in the taste department, but trying to get a fluffy moist cake is my main goal. Combining that with a good structure is proving difficult the more I look into it. It's like everyone uses box cakes with variations. I'm just tired of being limited to finding that when I pick up materials or want to make a cake. If something goes wrong and I need to finish a cake and didn't have enough boxes, I wouldn't want to have to pack up and head to...
Yes, that is true about letting it sit for a period of time. I didn't throw it away, so when I get home today I will be able to see if it is any better. The only reason I didn't freeze it, was due to the fact that when the fondant goes on it, it will not be frozen. I need to know what it's density is while not frozen. But yes, I do freeze my cakes for a short period of time before I crumb coat, just to make it easier. Ultimately it goes back to it's original state...
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