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Personally, I would only use fondant as the base.  I have had heavy flowers peel off the side of a cake before.
I made the attached cake "rosettes" by cutting a strip of 50/50 fondant and gumpaste in long strips about 1 1/2 wide.  Then I folded strips in half lengthwise so they were a bit thicker.  Then I rolled them around each other and just kept going and going.  Working from the middle to the out.  I did this on the cake.  I did not make them ahead of time and attach later because I wanted them to curve to the side of cake.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Hope this is...
Hi, I have a bride wanting this cake similar to Amy Beck's beautiful design.  Any help on the best source for these lace molds?
I have an on-call employee that works for me when I book more orders than I can pull off alone. She likes the money, but doesn't "need" it, so it works out great. I pay her better than min. because she's a capable and reliable adult. It's working out great! I have a commercial space in a walk out portion of my house. She does dishes, cleaning, frosting, ganache, etc.
travmand, Is this your first time with SMBC?
I found that the ONLY sugar brand I can use for American buttercream is C&H. It's not grainy at all. I use Wilton recipe but no meringue powder. My butter to shortening ratio is 12 oz Crisco to 1 cup butter. 4 lbs. powdered C&H sugar, vanilla and milk to right consistency. Add 2 T. heavy whipping cream at end of mixing, beat for one minute. I have turned to using Swiss meringue for all my fondant covered cakes. Haven't had any trouble with warm temps as long as it's...
any brand you'd suggest on cake plateau? I've looked online, but afraid to purchase.Tabletop Classics (more expensive)Giftbay????? HELP!
I just bought a book by Zoe Clark. In it she has a vertical line spacer to emboss vertical lines on a cake. (Tuxedo Cake) Does anyone know where I could buy this? I've googled it with no luck.I know I could make stripes with fondant/gumpaste, but I like the embossed look.Thank you in advance for any help!
I laughed at your bored comment. I am laughing at myself because I have not business spendigng time on CC when I have tons to do, but the forums are calling to me today. I must need to give out my opinion or something!Anyway, to your question. I came into the wedding cake scene 7 years or so ago. I am all about taste, design, and fitting the mood. I think you absolutely should ask about the "vibe" of the wedding. I do this at every design consultation appointment. ...
I spent many years and cakes trying to figure this out.... my answer.... I've switched to only using Swiss Meringue Buttercream or ganache to cover my cakes. Regular buttercream is not sturdy enough.
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