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Hello-   I received a cake order & the customer requested a french vanilla buttercream as a filling which is made with egg yolks.  I usually fill & stack my cakes 2 days prior & decorate one day before.  How long can this buttecream stay out?  Concerned about it going bad since it has egg yolks.  I'm used to using American buttercream which can be left out in room temperature.   -Thank you in advance!
Hello everyone! Does anyone here offer chocolate covered strawberries with a pipette filled with alcohol? I've seen them all over Instagram & thinking about adding them to my list of goodies offered. What is your pricing? Been having a hard time fixing on a final price per half dozen or full dozen. Thank you!
Hi guys! How many tablespoons do you use to make a cake pop? I usually use 1 tablespoon but lately been thinking of increasing the size. Just wondering what other bakers here are doing. Thank you in advance for your replies!
I'll try that! Thank you!
Hello Everyone- I've received a wedding cake pop order & the bride requested the candy coating to be a champagne color. Does anyone know how to achieve this color? Thank you in advance!
Thank you I appreciate the feedback!
If I pipe the night before there should be a thin layer of crusting right? The inside of the piped buttercream shouldn't be completely dry?
Hello Everyone- I have a 200 cupcake order for a wedding in November. How do I prevent from the piped buttercream crusting or going too dry? Do I pipe at the venue? I was planning on piping the night before & storing in plastic dome/shell containers. I use a 1 cup butter/shortening with 4 cups powdered sugar recipe. Any tips or ideas would be very helpful. Thank you!
Thank you! Your reply helped tremendously!
Hello Everyone- I'm baking a 12" cake for a customer. The party is for Sunday morning - did I bake too soon? Just concerned that the cake will go stale by Sunday. I will buttercream it tonight & cover in fondant tomorrow... & leave out on the counter. It's chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream - no perishable fillings. Any tips? Thank you!
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