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I am sorry you had to go through this.  Why is the cake in a pie tin instead of using a plate or cake board? 
We have actually started taking less orders also.  We homeschool and I just can not balance both and be a mom/clean house etc.  I have gotten tired of my kids asking me "what are we doing this weekend?" and me stating..we have a wedding or we have three birthday cakes to do.  Our last our is December 7th and then we are taking a much needed month long break
I did deer antlers on top of a groom's cake earlier this year.  My husband took a wired hanger, clipped and formed the shape of antlers then covered in a fondant/gumpaste mix.  Since no one was eating them, the wired clothes hanger was ok to use
I wonder what the cashier would say if I told her/him that those 10 bags of marshmallows I just bought are for my children's lunch tomorrow ;)
I just did a rainbow cake and it was about six inches high.  I used a cup of batter in 6in pans and about a cup and half for 8 in pan.  I used 6 colors. 
  I get that on my facebook page too..a lady wrote..did you make that?  If it is on my facebook page and I describe every detail..then yes I made it
what is even sadder is the fact that they always say "Im hearing impaired"  Not fair to those who are.  We actually had a bride that is hearing impaired, but she did not tell me until we met.
We have these calls all the time, people wanting cakes at the last minute.  We try and not work on Sunday because I need some rest from the orders and I had a lady call and was incredulous because we did not work on Sunday.  I think it so funny when clients call and want a 3 tier cake for 10 people.
We did a venue open house a couple of weeks ago. We were promised 200 brides and barely got 50. We lost a lot of product and did not even get a booking from it. We will not be doing a bridal show again..we are too busy from all the referrals we receive..and that is free
Personally, I would make the wedding cake and freeze it a week before your cruise..but to have it fully decorated and leave it in the fridge for a week..I would not recommend..
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