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Can anyone tell me if Particle Board would be durable for a one tier cake? I am making a turntable for a grooms cake and need something durable and big enough to hold the turntable style cake (ie: length and what not). Thanks!
Thank you! I will definitely look into getting this dvd. I need the help!
I am in serious need of help with my cricut cake machine! I can not for the life of me, get a good cut! Everything seems to rip or tear. I fee like I have the blade positioning correct. I have tried MMF, Wilton Fondant, Gumpaste, 50/50, freezing it, leaving it out, crisco, etc. What am I doing wrong??? As we all know how expensive this darn machine is, I really want to be able to use it instead of keeping it hid in the closet. I was thrilled watching the...
Thank you so much ibmoser. Exactly what I was looking for! Appreciate the help!
I am needing to make baby shoes/converse/chucks and I can not seem to find Stellastarchild template for them. Can anyone help me or direct me in the right path to looking for it? Thank you!!!!
I completely agree! I have been looking for that ShirleyW forum for the past few hours but no luck. I have tried following other blog links but to no avail. I say lets Protest. Tehe. Just kidding. This is very helpful, thank you for sharing!
Yes! Thank you very much for your help!!!! Much appreciated!!!
Does anyone know how to wrap a cake in chocolate? Not modeling chocolate or transfer sheets or chocolate shards but regular tempered chocolate/melts all the way around the cake (usually the top is open). I am wanting to cover some petit cakes to start with and work my way up but I am having a hard time figuring out how to do so. Please help! Thanks, Amy
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