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I am finally officially starting my own business! Sweet on You Designer Cups and Cakes. But my question is what is the best software to keep track of expenses and income? I was thinking about getting Cakeboss to figure out expenses but I am assuming that it doesn't do the general accounting stuff. All advice is appreciated! Thanks!
Have you already checked out that name? I live in Kelowna BC and we have a place called Cupcasions here. I like the name though!
How do you make rolled roses? They look so cute and easy to do!
Thank you!
Does anyone know if I can air brush Americolor food colours onto real dairy whipped cream?
How do I make camo fondant to cover a cake? Or is it better to use buttercream in different colors?
Duff's also has a hot pink that works great.
Thank you everybody, those are all great ideas!
What is the best way to attach a ribbon around the base of the cake?
If I use an air brush with corn syrup and water what is the ratio of one to the other? I have tried steaming MMF and rubbing Crisco on and neither have worked well for me
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