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Lately I have been having trouble with my fondant bulging. I have no idea why it is doing it because it goes on just fine then after the cake sits for a few hours it starts to bulge on at least one side. Any ideas? I could really use the help! Thanks in advance!
Thank you!
How many pounds of fondant do I need to cover a 12 inch square, 9 inch round and 5 inch square that are all 4 inches tall?Thanks!
Thanks everyone for your help. With lots of research of packaging and finding a new and delicious lower cost recipe I have figured out how to get my cost of ingredients and box down to about $.55 per cupcake. A huge improvement! Maybe I will be able to turn a profit after all!
I just checked out the proserve bags from Rubbermaid. They would be perfect except they are $250!
Thank you Cheatize for putting so much time into that for me! I will check out all your links to find something that will work for me.Thanks again!
Very helpful Jen, thank you.
Hasn't anyone asked you for a filling that had to be refrigerated? Or do you just not offer to make any of those?
Do you know the brand of the cooler bag or what the dimensions are? I may have to order on line as it is below freezing here and it might be hard to find one locally right now. What kind of cooler do you use for the multiple cakes? Thanks for your help!
I'm in BC Canada and he already told me that I have to have a plan on how I will keep sensitive filling cool. Supposedly this guy is a real piece of work so I really want to be prepared. Doesn't anyone else have to refrigerate their cakes? Or are we just super careful in Canada?
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