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Hi I am in the process of writing up a cake contract for my clients to sign when they place an order. I would like to include something about refrigerated cakes staying at safe temperatures and that it is not my responsibility after delivery for the cake staying "food safe". Any one have any thoughts or ideas?Thanks!Anna
Thank you both for you help! I don't have an edible printer so I think I'll try printing out the pattern and cutting all the pieces
I was asked to do a cake for a charity cake auction. I want to do a chevron pattern out of fondant using 2 or 3 colors. Does anyone know of a tutorial? Thanks!
Great thanks so much for the help. Next time I will just use the 2:1 ratio and save myself all this trouble
I refrigerated it after adding more chocolate and it firmed up but now that it is at room temp again it is spreadable. If I want to put in on a cake under fondant will it be ok?
IT is definitely spreadable but maybe once it is spread thin on a cake it will harden? I just hate to ruin an entire cake with it if it isn't the right consistency.
I think I did use a recipe for poured ganache as it was so runny! I added some more melted chocolate and its a little better but it should still be hard at room temp right?
Thank you both! It is at room temp and still a little runny after leaving it in the fridge last night. I will try adding some more melted chocolate. I don't know why it didn't work to start with, I followed the recipe exactly...
I made chocolate ganache and left it at room temp thinking it would harden up so I could cover a cake with it. Many hours later it is still runny, if I put it in the fridge and it hardens up can I bring it back to room temp and cover my cake with it? Or will it eventually go runny again?Thanks!
Thanks everyone, I appreciate the help! It is definitely air trapped and I think it is because I didn't let the cake settle, I am always in such a hurry!
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