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Oooh lemon curd would be delish!! That gets my vote!
They last about a week, but I recommend they be refrigerated if they arent to be eaten in the first couple of days. I charge $6.00/jar.
I make these now, I tried posting a picture but it was rejected as non decorated. I have customers who absolutely love them! They make excellent gifts, or wedding favors!
I have definitely found that doing anything small is a bad idea! I totally agree with the two above posts, I am going to have to really perfect the system of using it before I try to use it on a customers cake!
I think the word "Couture" as it applies to cakes, does mean custom designed for each customer. I also think this site is a wonderful place to learn new techniques and to get ideas and to develop peoples skills in many different ways, and to get positive or constructive feedback on ideas and designs. If I feel like someones idea of "Couture" doesnt apply to my own perameters, it's just my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions!
I use an ice cream scoop, the kind with the thumb lever. HTH
Please check out my COCO LOPEZ coconut cake recipe, it is the best!!!!
I like the word "SWEET" and a cake pic underneath
You would be amazed at how far, even a brand new oven can be off! Get a temperature gage, it may solve your problem.
I have been researching the subject as well, and what I have been told, by the small business bureau in my state, TX, is "You will be hard pressed to find a grant for a 'for profit' business." This was sad to me because I qualify as a native Alaskan, and Im a woman. I thought there were tons of opportunities out there, so far im coming up with zilch
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