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I'm also seeing chains, like Anything Bundt Cakes, effecting business.  But I also wonder what the longevity of that Chain is going to be......
I had a bride ask me to make a 3tier dummy wedding cake and that she was going to go to Costco and buy sheet cakes and serve that to her guests.  I said, thats fine, but dont tell the guests I made the sheet cakes!  I do not want people thinking that I made those!  She ended up ordering from someone else and told the guests that baker made the sheet cakes and the wedding cake.  What is wrong with people!
I cant find the free Doodle app either.  I have Sketch book pro, which I usually use when using my iPad to sketch the cakes, but now I downloaded the Tiered Caker app and saved a bunch of snippets in Photoshop on transparent backgrounds, and when I open them in the Sketch book pro app, the images are all on white backgrounds and they block out the tiers Im trying to put my snippets on :(
LOL!  I do the same thing!  I'm always saying, "Please excuse my horrible drawing skills, it will look much better on the cake:)" lol
Yes, I too really wish there was a trial version! Sigh...
Has anyone used the tiered Caker ap for the iPad? I'm wondering if it's worth the $19.99 price..
It's so tiring being low balled by customers, I charge what I charge, while I appreciate your business, you are welcome to go elsewhere. I am more expensive than my local bakery, and I'm CFL. I put quality ingredients in my cakes and I am crazy busy, I WILL NOT lower my quality to compete with her quantity. That's my motto and I'm sticking to it!
Omg! I have had friends send me pictures of epic cake fails, but for $35,are you kidding me! Ridiculous!
I always refer to the "smeared frosting" as textured buttercream.  I do a lot of those here in Dallas, it goes right along with the burlap, lol.  Its easy as heck so I have no problem doing it if that's what the bride wants.  It can be artfully done and I think it looks pretty. JMO
Yes, I'm very excited about lace! I just bought my molds and my sugar dress, and I can't wait to use it:-D
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