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Oops didn't mean for that to go into the photo stream on the front page! :/ sorry admins!
This is on a fellow local bakers front page of her website...... Bold and very true!
I would probably agree if Strabucks actually made their own food, but they dont, and I always buy coffee and so do my guests, while I am there.  If they sold wedding cake, I could see the issue, but they sell pastry and coffee cake, I have always looked at it as bringing them business by doing the consult there.  JMO
I don't do consults from the house, people sometimes come pick up cakes or drop off payments, but I no longer have a dining room and my kitchen is wall to wall cake stuff, dummies, tools, refrigerators, etc.  There's just no space, lol.  We are building a new house in the next two years, so trust me, I am going to make sure there is an out building with a commercial kitchen in it!!!
As long as I don't exceed 50,000$ a year, it's still ok here in Texas, there isn't anything in the by laws about supplying to venues.
Sold the first bride I met with the sugar lace! Thanks Denise
;) lol!
Thanks K8, yes I am going to do this weekends at a local coffee shop, and then I am going to take my samples to a local winery that does a few weddings and see if they will allow me to use a table in their main tasting room once a month.  Maybe it will give them more exposure and I can drink a bottle when Im done meeting with 8 brides in one day, lol ;)
This is a bit of a rant but I would really like to see what other business owners would do in my shoes....   Okay, so I am a really small business and I am CFL.  I had a wedding venue owner contact me and ask me to bring her samples and interview with her to see if she wanted to use me as her exclusive cake designer.  After a month of hee hawing over a contract, that I had to explain the pricing tier to her over and over again, which I agreed to pretty low prices to get...
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